Kristina Höschlová


Kristina Höschlová, MD

founder of the Mehana Institute.

Graduated from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague in 2003 and specialized in anaesthesiology and resuscitation and in emergency medicine. In 2015 accomplished the International Master Course in Mountain Medicine in Varese, Italy.

She is a founder of the International Mountain Medicine Course in the Czech Republic (2016-2021), which remain worldly recognized.

Till 2022 employed as a medical doctor with the Liberec region Emergency Medical Services.

Previously, she worked at the Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation of Trauma Centre at the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague and with the emergency services Samaritan International in the region Prague-West.

Kristina spent four winter seasons as an emergency doctor in the Alpine ski centres in France (Briancon and Avoriaz), and in Switzerland (Verbier). In Avoriaz she worked as a mountain rescue doctor with the Mont Blanc Helicopteres. 


In 2005 Kristina was a medical doctor for a Mt. Everest expedition (reaching altitude of 7200 m a.s.l.) and the year before for a Khan Tengri expedition in Kyrgyzstan.

She has experiences from the humanitarian missions in the war zones having being engaged with the Doctors Without Borders and Medevac as an anaesthesiologist and emergency doctor: Afghanistan 2014, Kurdistan 2017, Yemen 2019 and Ukraine 2022.

Kristina has broadened her medical practice with different non-pharmacological and
non-invasive methods, including Herbal medicine (Ecole des plantes medicinales, Lyon, France), Mediterranean medicine (Accademia delle arti erboristiche, Rome, Italy), Yoga teaching and therapy (Sampoorna, Goa, India), Musculoskeletal Manual Medicine (Dr.Vacek, University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Prague, CZ), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (Dr.Kolář, University Hospital Motol, Prague, CZ), Vertebral-visceral medicine and other courses (Dr.Bitnar, Kladno, CZ)

She speaks six languages and plays violin and piano.

Kristina is author of two books:

Doctor Between the Sky and the Mountains and Doctor Between the Desert and the Mines

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My medical profession made me develop compassion and joy in helping others.

Mountain medicine taught me improvisation and intuition.

War medicine has shown me that despite suffering in the external world we can maintain our inner peace and joy throughout our noble values. 

However, not just medicine but many other experiences contribute in my life’s journey.

Music refined my perceptiveness towards the values of art.

Nature will always be to me a precious source of life’s force and of comfort for the soul.

Nature and art are amongst the strongest sources of the positive emotions.

"Beauty, inner peace, joy and affability have power to heal, whether fear, judging, egregation and ignorance destroy the health."
Kristina Höschlová
Founder of the Mehana Institute

I want to keep healing. I like to heal with the cognition that also our mind contributes in good health if containing positive emotions like joy, inner peace, beauty or compassion. This all we have very close – in ourselves, in human’s kindness and in the surrounding nature.

This is why I decided to found the Mehana Institute, Medicina in Harmonia cum Natura.

Why I have founded MEHANA INSTITUTE?

I practice emergency medicine over the last 23 years. The medical emergencies are the same, however our patients do change.

Considering the tremendous transformation of the world in the past 50 years it is not to wonder that also the priorities, beliefs and values of the people change.

The last 2 years have accentuated this phenomenon as never before. Our patients are much more doubtful, sometimes challenging the authoritative approach of healthcare professionals, they are asking, interacting and being curious about alternatives to the conventional therapy.

As the humanity nowadays tends more towards the natural principles in general, it is also reflected in medicine: patients are more demanding natural products and techniques and more doubtful about the chemicals and invasivity.

The only response to this arising demand is complementary approach.

As doctors of the Western medicine, we need to refine our perceptiveness towards the new values of our patients, because whatever healing tools we like to use, we need their confidence.

My decision about founding of the Mehana Institute is a response to the changing world. The world is changing, the people are changing and also medicine must change in order to help people staying healthy.