What the medical authorities say about us?

Professor Paul Grof, MD, PhD, FRCP, University of Toronto

“I am very impressed with MEHANA’s approach to the current health challenges.” 

says Professor Paul Grof, MD, PhD, FRCP from the University of Toronto

“Their complementary approach resonates with me strongly.
They show the way how to improve health in a meaningful way.”

Professor Grof is director of the Mood Disorders Center of Ottawa and practices medicine for 65 years.

“It’s clear that contemporary medicine has successfully dealt with many acute conditions. However, it fails to deal with the most common and usually lasting health challenges. 

Instead of focusing on improving health, the attempted solutions are seen in more laboratory testing, more sleeping pills, more antidepressants and buckets of various untested supplements.”

“MEHANA’s approach demonstrates how to help more effectively people who suffer from frequent problems such as feelings of tiredness, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, addictions.

The approach of current medicine needs to be markedly modified in the direction that MEHANA proceeds. Such centers are badly needed but, unfortunately, are still very rare.”

“To paraphrase Albert Einstein freely, it seems that MEHANA’s approach illustrates well that we cannot resolve present health problems by continuing to use only strategies that have been contributing to them.”

Paul Grof MD, PhD, FRCP

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto (retired)

Director, Mood Disorders Center of Ottawa