Alternate Nostril Breathing

Did you know that during breathing, airflow in one nostril is stronger than in the other one and this condition oscillates during the day periodically?

It is caused by transient congestion of the intranasal mucosal tissue, which goes along with different factors, including body posture, physical activity, general health condition and others.

Further, voluntary alternate nostril breathing can regulate function of the brain hemispheres and of the autonomic nervous system.

Right nostril breathing enhances activity of the left brain (verbal abilities) and refers more to the sympathetic activity, whereas left nostril breathing stimulates the abilities of the right hemisphere (spatial and emotional memory).

Relaxing (parasympathetic) effect is mostly related to the alternate nostril breathing, which means that the individual inhales through one nostril, exhales through the other one and vice versa.

These findings support our knowledge that breathing exercises present an effective instrument to establish balance of the autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, stimulate immune system and endorse restorative mechanisms of the body.

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Author: Kristina Höschlová