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Introductory Course

Mehana Gift

November 23-29, 2022

I absolutely enjoyed the Mehana Gift retreat, it was just awesome! I relaxed mainly psychically; physically too, although this was in an active way.



I would like to express my thanks to everybody for this opportunity to participate in the unique healthy-yoga retreat “Mehana Gift” held in the ravishing place “Anglicka Sezona”.

For me it was an exceptional experience to pass one week with all these awesome people who like to learn more, e.g., about psychosomatics.


Kristina, thank you for this you are doing – how you do it with full commitment. It was my pleasure to know a woman like you.


I was able to take lessons from a variety of instructors according to the theme of every day. Every lecture was new and useful for me. The vegetarian food was very healthy and delicious, never got bored. And The participants and instructors were kind and I had a really good time there!

Shizuka, Japan

Mehana Gift program presented an overview of the activities of the Mehana Institute.

This introductory program took place on November 23-29, 2022 in a beautiful cozy venue Anglicka sezona in Hobsovice, Czech Republic.


Dear Gabriela, I just want to thank you for your kind assistance with my journey to Hobsovice. I had an unforgettable stay there with all that nice people and a lot of new experiences. Thank you once more!

Ivana, Croatia

Every day started at 7 AM with Kristina’s class in yoga, qi gong, physiotherapy and breathing exercises.


What did the participants say about Kristina’s classes?

“I liked the diversity and alignment with the program of the day”

“I appreciate her professionality, uniqueness”

“I appreciated this very nice completion with the classical music and nature sounds. I also liked the spoken word during the rest, all the messages were very peaceful and joyful”

“Kristina is a very advanced yogi (besides many other abilities and knowledges); her lessons are very spiritual and nice”

“Very good for morning stretch and wake up! I would like to continue every day.”

The topic of day 2 was PERCEPTION

Physiotherapist Petr Bitnar taught how to use one’s own hands, inspect the body, make a diagnostic and release different musculoskeletal and visceral ailments with the human touch and other physiotherapeutic techniques.

Kristina and all her team, they are not just doctors, talented artists, exceptional sport athletes and dancers, they are mostly visionaries to me. They found a way to see things holistically and how to bring together their rich personal life’s journeys, experiences and extraordinary abilities to the very healing approach. They all are very wise and strong personalities who have a lot to tell. They inspire by their strength and modesty.


What did the participants say about Petr’s physiotherapy workshops?

“Petr’s physiotherapy was just great!”

“I appreciate Petr’s professionality, his know how to transmit his knowledge and experiences to others”

“Jana is a very warm and openminded person, she just makes dance everybody; it is a great gift. To me personally, she has helped to discover my passion for dance, especially latino!”


What did the other participants say about Jana’s dance classes?

“I realized that dance could be either relaxation tool or healing exercise for both body and mind, it was good to see that movement could be that beautiful”

“This was the first time I learned to dance. I really enjoyed every style. It was good opportunity to start. I want to learn more!”

“I liked her professionality, how she knows to share her joy with others”

Day 3 was about JOY OF MOVEMENT

Jana, a multi-talented dancer, introduced the group in Moravian, Indian and Egyptian folklore and proceeded later with her classes in oriental dance.


Jana was followed martial artist Tom Hora who has installed a concentrated and peaceful atmosphere with his precise Qi Gong lesson.

What did the participants say about Tom’s qi gong classes?

“I appreciated the calmness and the holistic approach”

“During his classes, Tom knows to transmit his concentration, balance, energy and the strength to the others”

“Tom is a very spiritual and integrated person, very humble and gifted. There is spirituality in his every move.”

“Because of Tom I can now improve my morning Qi Gong exercises.”

Day 4 was the day of STABILITY

Classes with Filip Burget, a trauma-surgeon, were focused on prevention of a skeletal injury and on different non-invasive methods for quick recovery. He explained acupressure points for first aid and instructed the group in different basic musculoskeletal maneuvers

At the end of Filip’s session the participants could experiment several apneic breathing techniques suited for free-divers.

What did the participants say about Filip’s workshop in trauma prevention and acupressure?

“After his classes it was easier for me to practice and implement several things into my daily routine”

“I appreciate Filip’s professionality, his know how to transmit his knowledge and experiences to others”

“I like his attitude “there is always a way to make things possible rather than impossible”. More doctors like him! I learned a lot about acupressure and its benefits. I appreciate the breathing techniques as well. Both was very helpful and useful!”

The topic of Day 5 was  STRENGTH OF THE BODY AND MIND

Long-distance ocean swimmer Abhejali Bernardova joined the group and captured everybody with her motivation talk. This was followed by meditation exercises for focusing and calming the mind.

Afterwards, in midst of the sunny and chilly day, all participants had an opportunity to experiment their determination in an outdoor natural pool.

Despite a thin ice layer on surface, most of the group enjoyed an invigorating bath.

What did the participants say about Abhejali’s motivation talk and meditation?

“Wow! Don’t have a word!”

“Her talk was resonating with my heart, I just enjoyed every single word. Her “never give up attitude” was completely resonating with me and her speech about the joy and that little child in our hearts was so kind and warm! She was very authentic throughout her speech.”

“She gave us good tips and courage.”

In the afternoon, dancer Jana ignited the inner fire with her Latino dance class.

Day 6 was about INTEGRATION

It was the moment to find a common line, which connects all the experienced body-mind techniques.

Dance classes were dedicated to the modern dance and improvisation.

In the afternoon, two participants shared their teachings: Michaela led a physio-dance movement class and Ivana gave another interesting acupressure workshop.

Kristina concluded every day’s program with her calm, relaxing and stretching yin yoga exercise immersed in pleasant music and scent of her essential oil blends.

What did the participants say about Kristina’s evening classes?

“The evening exercises were a great way to finish the day after all these experiences and inspirations. I also enjoyed Kristina’s presence throughout all the program as she was very nice and fun to be around.”

The week was abundantly fulfilled with many rich and new experiences; still have passed very fast.

Hopefully we will meet again during the next year!

 What the participants reported as the main take home message from the Mehana course?

“Now I see there is a lot to be improved in my lifestyle”

“I am thankful for the encounter with all these nice people who are also interested in psychosomatics”

“During the course I realized again, that essences like love, joy, faith and open mind matter the most. If we were able to listen and to follow the order of the Earth and the Universe, we would become the real Masters of our Lives.”

What the participants reported as the main impact of the Mehana program into their daily life?

“Implementation into my morning exercise”

“Improving of my daily Qi Gong and yoga practice. I got trust in helping myself, my family members and friends in case of some health problems, e.g., with the back pain.”

“I have learned a lot about acupressure and have experienced some of new dance styles, which was amazing!”

What the participants suggest to other people interested in the Mehana programs?

“It is a holistically designed course”

“Uniqueness of the project, which is absolutely worthy to take part of!”

“It is worth to go no matter the costs. Because I believe we are just visitors on the Earth and it is not important to have, but to live, to experience, to learn and to share, so that our spirit can grow.”

Pictures and videos from this nice event are made by photographer Honza Musil who didn’t hesitate to get for a good shot into an icy cold pool!

Introductory 3-session program

Mehana OPEN 2024

We are very happy to share the first impressions from our unique Mehana OPEN program.
Mehana OPEN runs in 3 full-day sessions
and is held in Mnisek pod Brdy (Czechia) on March 23, April 20, and May 18, 2024.

We created this specific program in order to introduce to the public a wide range of various non-invasive and non-pharmacological techniques. On this occasion, we also introduce 6 new lecturers who want to share their skills and experience within our institute.

The “Mehana OPEN” allows everybody to discover the principles of Mehana, try different approaches, and eventually decide on the multi-day programs.

Mehana OPEN -Day 1

40 wonderful people gathered on Saturday, March 23, 2024 in Mnisek and started the day with Kristina’s class focused on self-perception and alignment of movement with breath.  

Afterward, ever-smiling dancer Jana took the lead and offered an abundant supply of joy and freshness that she triggers within her dance classes.

After the break, the group tuned in with Kristina’s QiGong practice, which was followed by Michaela’s physiotherapeutic-movement lesson focused on the spine.

At the end of the afternoon, medical doctor Lenka introduced the principles of acupressure and demonstrated its effects on liver- and gallbladder vessels.

Kristina closed the program with a peaceful yoga flow, integration, and relaxation.

Despite the very busy schedule, everybody left with a large smile and a relaxed mind.

Mehana OPEN - Day 2

The second session of the Mehana OPEN program took place on Saturday, April 20th, 2024.
The topic of the day was “Perceptiveness As a Healing Tool”.

Kristina Hoschlova opened the day with a movement-contemplative practice focused on breathing, respiratory ways, and the thoracic area.

Ella Wolfin from Israel proceeded with her workshop “Dialog in motion” and demonstrated how to find the self-healing power of the body within spontaneous movement.

Svetlana Hrachovinova introduced her lesson on healthy feet and the complexity of healthy stance and walking pattern.

Marie Olsen led a workshop on the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases using acupressure techniques and herbal medicine.

Pavla Fendrichova demonstrated how the quality of voice is connected with self-perceptiveness, posture, and visualization. She even managed to perform an excellent choral song with a group of 40 participants.

At the end of the day, Kristina concluded the program with an integrative exercise and a final relaxation focused on Gratitude.

There was a warm healing atmosphere throughout the day and everyone is looking forward to the last session on May 18th.

Mehana OPEN - Day 3

Organ-focused healing techniques“ was the topic of the 3rd and final session of the Mehana OPEN program.

On May 18th, 2024, 45 wonderful people met in Mnisek and enthusiastically shared another fulfilled day. 7 lecturers, including 4 medical doctors, prepared an appealing program, rich in various complementary healing methods.

Kristina opened the day with her workshop focused on the deep stabilizing spinal system and the pelvic area. Her lesson included physiotherapeutic principles, breathwork, and elements from yoga and qigong.

In the next lesson, Světlana shared a physiotherapeutic approach to the C-spine and shoulders. After her exercise, many participants appreciated the immediate relief in the neck area.

Then the ever-smiling dancer Jana shared her genuine joy of movement and let the group experience the spontaneous joy of dancing to Latin American rhythms.

The seminar on healthy vision Hana led outdoors. Everybody could experience several non-invasive natural techniques for healthy eyes and the prevention of visual impairment.

Marie and Lenka, both MDs practicing acupuncture, led their workshop on acupressure for headache treatment and tension relief.

In her movement workshop, Michaela integrated various complementary techniques in relation to the seasons, bodily organs, and inner emotions.

The day was concluded with Kristina’s graceful qigong-inspired and yin yoga class followed by final relaxation and complemented by classical music and aromatherapy.

And how did the participants evaluate the event?

Everything met my expectations, I am grateful for everything new and inspiring that I carry with me and will be at my disposal at any time. Excellent lecturers, atmosphere, care, harmony, helpfulness. A path I want to follow. Thanks!

Lenka J.

Thank you so much for the great content and pleasant atmosphere. After the last meeting I am even more in awe of the perfection of the body… When connecting with the music I realized it the most.

Milena H.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderfully balanced and enriching event.

Romana K.

Thank you so much for your kind attitude. I look forward to the next time!

Jitka H.

I appreciate the medical perspective – the explanation of what is going on in the body, and the gentle – pleasant – approach of all the lecturers. Thank you!

Iva N.

One Day Workshop

Yoga-Dance Workshops

After the seminar, I felt pleasantly tired, but mentally relaxed and I was happy that I had spent time on my body and my health.

 Petra H., May 2023

I appreciate that Kristina explains each exercise in a nice way, what it is good for, how to breathe, and she corrects positions if needed. 
I was really looking forward to Jana’s block and it was great again. Jana really has a gift, she is totally spontaneous, warm, and makes everyone dance. I notice as a bonus that she doesn’t explain the moves at length, but demonstrates it straight away with the music and leads with words throughout. Her enthusiasm and genuine joy in the movement are contagious.

Kamila H., May 2023

All-day movement-educational workshops take place in the beautiful hall of the pavilion of the primary school in Mníšek pod Brdy.

Lecturers Kristina Höschlová and professional dancer Jana Krumlovská Bagarová lead participants to healthy breathing, correct posture and healthy movement patterns. During the workshop, everyone can try out simple dance forms, yoga asana sequences and elements of qi gong.

The seminar was very nice. I appreciate for example the uncomplicated registration and payment… not special access, passwords etc.
My takeaways will be the exercises for the sacroiliac junction and releasing of the lumbar region. I will be happy to join another workshop again.

Bára K., May 2023

The whole seminar was perfectly designed
and everything was clearly presented and explained. The breathwork, the stabilization of the center of the body, yoga and then tasting of all kinds of dances, from the “earthy” to the „flying“ ones, taking into account the fitness of our whole group. All was great! I was able to pick up the short forms after a few repetitions and it made me happy.

Monika, May 2023

I am very thankful I can make part of these sessions I always look forward to!

What I liked about the Saturday’s workshop was the combination with dance, being it a basic means to express the emotions, joy and reward.

Please, pass my sincere thanks also to Jana, the dance teacher!

Tanja, November 2022

I appreciated the medical background of all the activities of the day, I mean the comments how the exercises contribute in good health and self-healing mechanisms, e.g., the breathing exercises. I also appreciate Kristina’s individual approach; she made rounds to assist each of us in the positions.

Tereza, November 2022

Under Kristina’s leadership, each movement makes sense and it enables me to discover the unknown inside of me. It makes me progress – physically and also spiritually. And then I feel joy and happiness.

                   Tanja, November 2022

The Saturday’s workshop was very enriching! I perfectly stretched my body and relaxed at the same time. I perceived a cheerful mood also from Kristina and Jana and this contributed in the whole atmosphere!

I praise that also illumination of the room, choice of music and aromatherapy was included!

Adéla, November 2022

Organ-Focused Series

Movement-Educative Workshops with Kristina

What was your biggest takeaway from the workshops “Organ Focused Yoga”?

Simona B: I work as a general practitioner, therefore I appreciated suggestions and practical guidance on self-healing techniques, which I will try to incorporate into my medical practice from time to time.

Radka K.: The motivation to practice and the inspiration of the warmhearted and kind attitude of the lecturer.

Blanka G.: New exercises, either from yoga or qigong, breathing techniques and also physiotherapy elements that I already have included in my morning practice 🙂

Michaela: Understanding my body, knowing how to help myself in times of trouble, calming my mind

Lenka N.: Knowledge about the ability of the body to help itself and my ability to help it as well. Also, the ability to listen more to my body.

What would you say if you have to recommend the seminars further? 

Lenka K. : The experience and charisma of the lecturer, the view of the human body from a complementary perspective. The practicality of the advice

Jolana K.: Pleasant, friendly and experienced lecturer. Relaxing exercises and pleasant feeling at the end of the practice.

Lenka N. : I would say that there is a way to help yourself and everyone should know how to do this. Work with your body and listen to it.

Radka K.: My reason for participating – tools to revive the body, mind, and soul.

Pavla H.: I am always happy to pass on recommendations, but only to those whom I know are equally attuned. I was very interested in the workshop and new techniques, especially since there is nothing to worry about with regard to the difficulty. Even a beginner can master the technique, and most importantly, doctor Kristina appeals to all participants with her knowledge and experience. And that is the most important thing.

Marek R.: These are absolutely unique seminars, where, among other things, it is explained in an understandable and non-violent way how we can influence our health and quality of life ourselves.

Michaela: Friendly approach, not difficult, everything well described and explained

Blanka G.: As a reason to participate…, besides the great stretching of the body, I would definitely highlight the comprehensive concept of the seminar, also the elements of qigong are interesting!

The thematically focused movement-educative workshops are held in a series of three to five two-hour seminars (in the Czech language only). Workshops are held at intervals of 1 or 2 weeks and can be attended at any time in any range.

The lecturer Kristina Höschlová guides the participants on healthy breathing, correct posture and healthy movement patterns. During the seminars, she imparts knowledge about the connection of health with posture and emotions. Participants have the opportunity to try out different breathing and relaxation techniques, elements from physiotherapy, yoga and qi gong and achieve useful tools to sustain good health and prevent illness.

Do you feel that the workshops have affected or will affect your health?

Marek R. : Definitely. If I keep up the daily exercises, it helps me better handle difficult personal situations (e.g. loss, illness of loved ones, etc.), work activities, prevention of burnout, elimination of pain e.g. back pain, better concentration, memory, mobility, etc.

Simona B: Yes – self-healing techniques – I’ll be testing them out in practice. Also practical instructions for mobilization and relaxation.

Lenka K.:Yes, they will influence me, I am already practicing and I feel the benefits of the breathing techniques.

Jolana K. : I hope so, but I have to practice regularly for prevention.

Lenka N. : I learned to listen to my body more. The seminars will be beneficial to my health and I especially signed up to help my mom who has urinary problems and pain in her hips.

Pavla H.: Any exercise is beneficial, I do yoga daily as well as exercises recommended by my physiotherapist and I can’t imagine having to cut back in any way due to my illness. I’m sorry I didn’t keep all the exercises from your last seminar in my head 😞, only some

Michaela: Yes, I learned what works and helps me 😊

Blanka G.: I was definitely inspired by the seminars – the exercises, the approach…

Jolana K.: Thank you so much Kristina for a great time! I hope it was not the last time she was in Zbraslav!!!

Marek R.: I am very happy that I could participate in all the wonderful seminars practically from the beginning and I wish to Mehana Institute much success in the future. Thank you for everything.

Blanka G.: Thanks for conducting the seminar. Kristina is a very inspiring woman!

More Reviews

How do the Mehana Programs Improve Health?

What did the participants take away from the Mehana workshops?

– To be more aware of my body and to listen to the signals my body gives me.

To focus on my center, both physically and mentally… To not just put my attention outward and all over the place, but to look for the power within myself and protect my energy for eventual healing from within (without drugs and any crutches from the outside).

Monika W., November 2023

We asked our students: Why would you recommend Mehana programs further?

Participants will learn a lot of really interesting and useful information and techniques that are easy to apply in everyday life, and that provide permanent benefits for regaining and maintaining good health.

Kamila H., November 2023

Mehana workshops are an overall interesting combination of new information presented in a way everyone can understand, joined together with exercise, beautiful music, fragrant essences, the opportunity to ask questions, and to buy handmade herbal products, even fashionable clothes!

It is just flawless…

Hana Z., November 2023

Thanks to the Mehana workshops, it is much easier to focus on healthy emotions such as gratitude and kindness in daily life. It is then easier to cope with stress and unhealthy emotions such as anger and sadness.

Marek R., November 2023 

Completing the Mehana workshop series has definitely made me more resilient to environmental influences. For example, I don’t even remember having a cold anymore and my back pain has decreased. 

Marek R., November 2023 

We asked our participants: How do Mehana seminars affect your health?

I have learned various breathing techniques, for example, to compensate for cold, to enhance blood circulation in the tissues and lymphatic drainage in the abdomen, and to refresh the brain.

I also learned to direct attention to intention. For example, a hardy dip in the Vltava River was a nice shared experience at the end. I also tried other elements from the Qi Gong, which I like, and the Shaolin posture to activate inner power and focus on the goal.

Monika W., November 2023

I have learned how good health and well-being are related to good mood, independently of external circumstances and vice versa. In the workshops, we learn to induce these pleasant states of well-being and balance through movement and breath but also through the way we think. We learn to understand the impact of a perceptive, controlled movement, breath, correct posture, and smile on the state of mind and body.

Kamila H., November 2023