What is Mehana?

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  • Mehana Institute presents a non-pharmacological and non-invasive approach based on Western medicine.
  • Mehana Institute represents complementary and integrative medicine under the guarantee of experienced medical professionals.
  • Mehana approach does not contradict conventional medicine. It offers a complementary instrument for preserving health and preventing illness.


Activities of Mehana Institute
are based upon the following premises:

  • From invasivity to perceptiveness
  • Respect for the natural order of Life on Earth of which we are part of
  • Encourage the self-healing capacity of one’s body and mind


Encourage people in active attitude

  • Encourage people in active attitude to take responsibility over their health

  • Strengthen individuals’ stability in the changing world and support their own capacity to manage better stressful events, which lead to health disorders
  • Help people to find trust, security and medical aid in the resources of nature of which we all make part of
  • Guide people to acquire more perceptiveness towards the connection between the somatic health and emotions, which are the products of human’s mind
  • Train people in different non-invasive and non-pharmacological self-diagnostic and treatment methods in order to integrate it into their daily life
  • Create a platform for medical professionals in order to train them in the complementary and integrative medical approach that they can implement in their daily practice


Applied Techniques

The beneficial effect on health of all the applied techniques is proven
by evidence-based scientific studies. Here are some examples:


better deep spinal stabilization system, appropriate posture of the joints


targeted oxygenation, harmonization of the autonomous nervous system


perfusion and detoxication of the organs, harmonization of the energy flow


better awareness, concentration and inner peace


harmonizing of the autonomous nervous system, modulating of the mood disorders

Activities in
the nature

(cold baths, barefoot walking, survival techniques, first aid in remote environment, outdoor sport activities)
enhanced resilience, self-trust, stability and physical and mental strength

and art

source of positive emotions invoking the healing processes

Space for respectful sharing

inspiration, education, meaningfulness and altruism


Programs are led in an active manner

Many of the techniques are taught by medical professionals, who explain  impact of these techniques on the physiological and pathophysiological processes in the body.

Programs are led in an active manner – the goal is to educate clients and give them an instrument to gain more confidence over their self-healing capacity and implement the practice into their daily life


Essential Information

Mehana comes from the Latin words Medicina in Harmonia cum Natura (Medicine in Harmony with Nature). Mehana is a medical institute providing healthy-educative programs for general public. It presents non-pharmacological and non-invasive preventive and healing methods under the guarantee of medical doctors and in accordance with the evidence-based scientific literature.

No, Mehana offers complementary tools in order to enrich the pharmacological, invasive and highly specialized approach of the modern Western medicine.

Non-pharmacological interventions do not contradict conventional medicine. They serve as a complementary instrument.

Humanity have always responded to different treatments in different times and in different places. An individual responds best to treatment, which he or she believes in. Times change, humans’ consciousness changes, as do humans’ values and beliefs. This is why we need to update our medical approach in order to evolve with the new consciousness of humanity.

Mehana presents a medical concept, which places the emphasis more on prevention, self-perceptiveness and on having an active attitude for one’s own responsibility over individual health. This may ultimately save a lot of expenses given on drugs and surgery.

Mehana approach doesn’t align itself against the use of drugs and invasive medicine, both of which will always have important roles within the conventional medicine.

However, as emergency medicine and trauma specialists, we consider that the emphasizing of a healthy lifestyle and the cultivation of a healthy mindset have an important impact on the prevention of chronic diseases and on reducing the incidence of injuries and accidents, many of which result in the need for emergency interventions.

No. Although many of the natural products and/or diets can be beneficial, each of them is suited to a specific individual during a specific life’s period. We prefer to take a golden middle way, thereby avoiding to generalize the usefulness of any specific product.

Nature gives us tools for health throughout all the history of humanity. In Mehana Institute we teach how to benefit from the healing potential of the plants, which grow in our surroundings.

The relationship between the creative arts and health outcome is well known. Numerous studies demonstrated that the art-based interventions including e.g., music, dance, visual art and creative writing, enhance health status and reduce adverse physiological and psychological outcomes. The engagement in art induces pleasurable feelings. Pleasing feelings go along with higher blood levels of the “anti-stress” and “pro-immune” neurotransmitters, such as serotonine, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocine.

This is why the art, such as dance and music, is included in the health-supporting concept of the Mehana Institute.