Kristina Höschlová

Filip Burget

Petr Bitnar

Tom Hora

Abhejali Bernardová

Jana Krumlovská

Michaela Kardová

Pavla Fendrichová

Hana Maslowská

Participant’s TESTIMONIALS about the LECTURERS:

„Kristina and all her team, they are not just doctors, talented artists, exceptional sport athletes and dancers, they are mostly visionaries to me. They found a way to see things holistically and how to bring together their rich personal life’s journeys, experiences and extraordinary abilities to the very healing approach. They all are very wise and strong personalities who have a lot to tell. They inspire by their strength and modesty.“                                Kamila


Professional group in each field – they provide you with various experiences, knowledge, and opportunities.”   Shizuka, Japan

Kristina Höschlová, MD

Medical doctor, Czech Republic


Specialized in anesthesiology, emergency medicine and mountain medicine. Over 23 years of experiences in emergency medicine and rescue, practicing with the emergency rescue and alpine helicopter rescue services (France, Czechia). Working with the humanitarian organizations (e.g. Doctors without Borders) as an anesthesiologist in the war zones (Afghanistan, Yemen, Kurdistan, Ukraine).

Kristina is continuously extending her professional medical field with non-invasive and non-pharmacological techniques, such as musculoskeletal medicine, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (Czechia), yoga therapy (India), herbal therapy (France), Mediterranean medicine (Italy).

Teaching herself a wide range of various complementary healing methods, Kristina is here to guide throughout all the Mehana programs. She allows space for sharing and creates a line connecting the lessons of other participating lecturers.

What did the participants say about Kristina’s classes?

“I liked the diversity and alignment with the program of the day”

“I appreciate her professionality, uniqueness”

“I appreciated this very nice completion with the classical music and nature sounds. I also liked the spoken word during the rest, all the messages were very peaceful and joyful”

“Kristina is a very advanced yogi (besides many other abilities and knowledges); her lessons are very spiritual and nice”

Filip Burget, MD, PhD

Medical doctor, Czech Republic


Specialized in traumatology and general surgery, Assoc. Professor and Head of the Dpt.of Traumatology at the General Teaching Hospital in Prague. Since 2011 working with the humanitarian organization Medevac as a trauma surgeon and coordinator (Jordan, Iraq, Nepal, Senegal and Ukraine). Being a former semi-professional basketball player, Filip cooperates with the Czech basketball team as a sport physician.

He is interested in complementary medicine, practicing musculoskeletal and manual medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Further fields of interest: free-diving (Apnea Academy level 3), barefoot walking, mountain medicine, expeditions (e.g. Aconcagua 6962 m, Kilimanjaro 5898 m), survival techniques, self-defense and fighting system Krav Maga (level 5)

What did the participants say about Filip’s workshop in trauma prevention and acupressure?

“After his classes it was easier for me to practice and implement several things into my daily routine”

“I appreciate Filip’s professionality, his know how to transmit his knowledge and experiences to others”

“I like his attitude “there is always a way to make things possible rather than impossible”. More doctors like him! I learned a lot about acupressure and its benefits. I appreciate the breathing techniques as well. Both was very helpful and useful!”

Within the Mehana programs, Filip knows to share his extensive medical experiences along with various complementary healing methods that he himself practices diligently. For the participants, Filip represents a strong inspiration for inner strength.

What did the participants say about Petr’s physiotherapy workshops?

“Petr’s physiotherapy was just great!”

“I appreciate Petr’s professionality, his know how to transmit his knowledge and experiences to others”

Petr Bitnar, PhD

Doctor in physiotherapy, Czech Republic


Master and PhD in physiotherapy, specialized in visceral-somatic patterns, trigger point therapy, deep spinal stabilization system, musculoskeletal medicine and others.

Teaching and practicing at the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Dpt. of the University Hospital Motol, Prague and at the 2nd Medical School, Charles University, Prague.

Giving lectures mostly in visceral-somatic physiotherapy worldwide: (e.g. Chicago, USA 2016, Taichung, Taiwan 2017-19, University of Mangalore, India 2018, Santiago Chile, Chile 2018, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. 2019, Sydney, Australia 2020).

Take a glimpse at Petr’s work at the Rehabilitation School Prague

Petr represents a unique fusion of mastery, sensitivity and kindness. With his distinctive approach, modesty and ubiquitous humor, he can teach anyone how to help themselves using the healing touch.

Tom Hora

Martial-Artist, Czech Republic

Tom is a true body-mind movement master.
As a professional Fire-Artist he has been studying with many different teachers around the globe in order to learn a whole range of Martial Art techniques and meditative body-work practices. Practicing Fire-Art since 2000, he has done more than a thousand related performances world-wide.

Tom has been studying Chinese martial arts (Shaolin Kungfu) since 2002, Taiji and Qi Gong since 2005.
He has studied and performed the traditional Indian Fire Art Banethi in Varanasi, India, for over 6 seasons.
In 2015-2018, Tom extended his studies of Internal Cultivation, Qi gong, Taiji and Kungfu in Wudang mountains, China, and remains a student of Mr.Li Shifu (Abbot and Master of the Five Immortals Temple).
Tom gives numerous workshops and classes in Fire-Art, Kungfu, Qi Gong and others world-wide. E.g., he coached performers in the Prague New Cirque Centre in long-staff techniques and acrobatics.
Tom’s extraordinary „Way of heart“ is also influenced and inspired by Zen meditation, dance, Taiko Drumming, yoga practice, Taoist spirituality, and Traditional Taoist Medicine.

More about Tom’s art here.

Within the Mehana programs, Tom transmits not only the knowledge of qigong but also an extraordinary atmosphere of peacefulness and inner concentration, which he himself charismatically radiates.

What did the participants say about Tom’s qi gong classes?

“I appreciated the calmness and the holistic approach”

“During his classes, Tom knows to transmit his concentration, balance, energy and the strength to the others”

“Tom is a very spiritual and integrated person, very humble and gifted. There is spirituality in his every move.”

“Because of Tom I can now improve my morning Qi Gong exercises.”

What did the participants say about Abhejali’s motivation talk and meditation?

“Wow! Don’t have a word!”

“Her talk was resonating with my heart, I just enjoyed every single word. Her “never give up attitude” was completely resonating with me and her speech about the joy and that little child in our hearts was so kind and warm! She was very authentic throughout her speech.”

Abhejali Bernardová

Champion athlete, meditation teacher, Czech Republic

Abhejali is a long distance swimmer being the 4th Woman in history and the 1st swimmer from a landlocked country to complete the incredible challenge of Oceans Seven.

Abhejali has also competed at the highest level in ultra running. She is a multiple national champion at 100 kms and 24 hours and has completed the 6-day race (619 km) in New York, achieving the 2nd place. She is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Since the age of 18 Abhejali has been meditating with Sri Chinmoy who became her teacher and guide on the path of self-discovery. This is how she has been given her first name “Abhejali” meaning “Pure Water” or “Cry for Knowledge”.

Being a positive, highly motivated, mentally focused athlete, Abhejali has learnt several techniques that help her challenge her own limitations. Whether they come from the mind or the body she continues to strive ahead, pushing her boundaries with a ‘never give up’ spirit.

You can meet Abhejali in many captivating interviews and talks or in person as a singer with the Agnikana’s Group.

Within her workshops, Abhejali generously shares her charisma based on serenity, kindness, inner strength, discipline and determination.

Jana Krumlovská Bagarová, Jayanti

Professional dancer, Czech Republic

Jana is fore mostly known as an outstanding dance professional. Beside her dance performances world-wide she is a dedicated dance teacher and yoga teacher, enlarging her practice with aromatherapy, sound therapy and studies of philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

She performs belly-dance, Oriental style, Bollywood style, Egyptian folklore, Brazilian Samba, Arabic-Spanish fusion and others.

She was awarded Miss Heart and Miss Orient (Brno, Czech Republic, 2005), 2nd in classical oriental dance competition (Liptov, Slovakia, 2012) and 3rd Runner Up in “Bellydancer of the Universe” (California, USA, 2013).

In 2015 she toured Europe and China as a dancer in the “Alice in Wonderland” project, making up part of the dance theater production “Bellydance Evolution” led by Jillina Carlano (Los Angeles, USA).

In 2019 she participated in the Belly-Dance Experience educational program, coaching in Los Angeles, USA.

In her classes she places the emphasis on the individual needs of each participant. She likes to implement elements of ballet, modern dance and yoga. 

As a yoga teacher, Jana is leading classes of the gentle Hatha yoga SIMILIRIS and practicing aromatherapy within projects of the “Lavender valley”.

She offers also Ananda Mandala breathing methods and guided meditation.

Jana’s motto: „Dance is my great passion. Thanks to dance, I can express everything what is happening inside me…“

You can join her classes in the Prague center: Studio Naplno

Within the Mehana programs, Jana conducts workshops in mindful movement and dance. She is especially appreciated for her easy-goingness and genuine joy she transmits to others.

What did the other participants say about Jana’s dance classes?

“Jana is a very warm and openminded person, she just makes dance everybody; it is a great gift. To me personally, she has helped to discover my passion for dance, especially latino!”

“I realized that dance could be either relaxation tool or healing exercise for both body and mind, it was good to see that movement could be that beautiful”

“I liked her professionality, how she knows to share her joy with others”

Within the Mehana programs, Michaela teaches mindful movement and modern dance together with the physiotherapeutic principles.

She is especially appreciated for her didactic skills and outstanding perceptiveness for her students.

Michaela Kardová

physiotherapist, dance and yoga teacher

Michaela is a multitalented artist passionate about dance, music, art and theatre. Besides her way of artist, she practices in healthcare as a professional physiotherapist

Her various experiences give her an opportunity to enrich her therapeutic work with art and the artistic way with medicinal aspects.


Michaela is a successful teacher and choreographer with the elementary art school of Votice. She also practices individual and group physiotherapy in different clinics and sanatoriums implementing diverse approaches, including therapeutic yoga for kids with obesity, relaxation, mindful movement, mindful eating and dancing classes.


She achieved her bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy at Purkyne’s University in the Czech Republic. In her professional way, she participated in different courses in physiotherapy and movement techniques in Czechia and abroad (e.g., in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, and Portugal).


Michaela conducts lessons in physio-dance, yoga, contemporary dance and improvisation and is especially appreciated for her empathic approach and excellent teaching skills.

Hana Maslowská

Holistic vision teacher, Czech Republic

Though her professional background is mathematics in medical research, she has always been attracted to alternative methods of lifestyle and healing.

Since training with Meir Schneider in 2011 in his School for Self Healing in San Francisco, she is fully devoted to methods of Natural vision improvement, studied with the most prominent NVI teachers worldwide, from California to New Zealand, and participates in regular Holistic Vision Conferences. Hana translated M. Schneider book Vision for Life into the Czech language (Šance pro oči) and wrote a book Playful Way to Better Eyesight (Hravou cestou k lepšímu zraku).  She offers various activities – from eye exercises in parks to night walks, lectures and multiple day courses. 


What did the participants say about Hana’s „Healthy Vision“ seminars?

„What appealed to me most was the possibility of improving my vision through eye exercise. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a kid and just haven’t figured out how to do anything about it yet. So now I do ;)“

„I was thrilled with the „eye exercise“ with Hana. Wearing sunglasses throughout the summer season made me very sensitive to sharp light. After practicing the „Sunning“ technique, my sensitivity to light improved after only two weeks.“

„I was excited about the eye exercises.  Until now, I thought that certain eye defects were permanent…“

Within the Mehana programs, Hana introduces her holistic vision improvement methods, which are helpful at any age and any condition.

What did the participants say about Pavla’s voice workshop?

“The benefits were felt almost immediately. I realized that to make my voice sound better, I need to focus on „rooting“ – body posture and breathing.“

Pavla’s lesson convinced me that singing still brings me joy and my voice can be found again!“


Singer, voice teacher, musical therapist, Czech Republic

Pavla is one of the most sought-after voice teachers and coaches today. For her holistic perception and individual approach to the voice with emphasis on its authenticity and therapeutic aspect, she has gained the respect of Czech and foreign professionals. Within her practice, she is dedicated to the therapy of voice disorders and works with the voice as a therapeutic and self-development tool. That is why she is often called the „Guide of the Landscape of the Voice“.

Outside of her private practice, she currently works as an assistant professor at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She has also taught singing at the J. Ježek Conservatory, at the Faculty of Education of Charles University and at the Týnská School, where she taught in the field of Choral Music.

Because of her unique sensitive and kind approach, she is a sought-after lecturer at international vocal workshops (Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia) and a voice consultant for Czech Television, Prague theatres (e.g. the National and Dejvice theatre) and other vocal ensembles.

Her students include many leading Czech and Slovak singers (e.g. Vojtěch Dyk, Beata Hlavenková, Bára Poláková) and actors (e.g. Martha Issová, Kateřina Bohatová, Petr Vaněk, and others). She was also a voice coach for Leonard Bernstein’s MASS project, among others for Vojtěch Dyk, the main actor.


Within the Mehana programs, Pavla leads voice workshops and reveals the healing properties of singing.

Cooperating Lecturers

Ella Wolfin

Movement therapist, Israel

Ella was born in Ukraine and grew up in Israel, where she received extended education in anthroposophy, psychology, sociology, dance, sound therapy, and Ilan Lev movement therapeutic method.

Within her practice, she developed her own therapeutic approach combining movement, self-awareness, sound, and physiotherapeutic maneuvers to trigger the self-repairing and reharmonizing mechanisms in the body.

Within the Mehana programs, Ella presents her movement workshops “Dialog in motion” promoting the principles of her therapeutical approach.

Participants have an opportunity not only to experience, but also to learn some basic therapeutical maneuvers.

Marie Olsen, MD

Medical doctor, Czech Republic

Marie is an empathic medical practitioner specializing in holistic natural medicine. She achieved her medical internships in Denmark, where she also completed courses in acupuncture (Dansk Medicin Selskab for Akupunktur). Nowadays, she practices in the Czech Republic.

Within her medical practice, Marie guides her clients toward health and wellness using the gentlest and most natural methods available. She applies a wide range of complementary techniques, including acupuncture, breathing exercises, dietary modifications, herbal medicine, sound therapy, and aromatherapy. Marie’s passion for yoga and music (playing several musical instruments herself) is another facet of her holistic approach to health.

www.marieolsen.cz,  https://www.facebook.com/celostniprirodnimedicina/

Within the Mehana programs, Marie conducts  workshops on self-aid with the principles of acupressure and herbal medicine.

Světlana Hrachovinová, MD

Medical doctor, yoga teacher, Czech Republic

Světlana is a medical doctor practicing movement and manual therapy.

She started her medical career at the Department of Internal Medicine. Thanks to her love for movement and her own movement practice she gradually focused on rehabilitation and physiotherapy and became a yoga instructor.

Due to her own passion for various sports (mountaineering, ski mountaineering, running), she has gained experience working with athletes and, along with her yoga practice, has adopted a holistic approach to health. She tries to pass on this multidisciplinary understanding of medicine, physiotherapy and yoga to her clients. Her Ph.D. research on the topic of Gait in women with painful menstruation is dedicated to understanding viscerosomatic patterns.

www.instagram.com/medin.move/, www.yofyz.cz, www.fyziogym.cz

Within the Mehana programs, Světlana leads workshops on physiotherapeutic methods supporting the self-repairing mechanisms of the body.