Breaking Stereotypes

Do something unhabitual from time to time! 

As adults, we usually stick with the role of somebody “RESPONSIBLE” or the role of a “TEACHER/PARENT”.

However, there is another role we can play occasionally, and it might surprisingly bring more benefits than we would ever think.

What would happen, if we occasionally get out of our “ADULTBOX” and adopt the “KID” role?

 Children smile and laugh often. They are playful. Children are spontaneous, creative, and inventive. They are curious. They are trusting. Children are open-minded by the lack of the artificial barriers constructed by the society of adults. “Black” plays with the “white one”, “strong” with the “handicapped one”.

Children are natural, they move with ease and fluidity, they know to get passionately lost in the game. They live the present moment. They have a good appetite. They are courageous and their hearts are open.

These qualities are precious. If we implement them from time to time to flavor our daily “serious” life, we will enjoy their positive impact on our productivity, health, and relationships.

Changing the stereotypes/behaviors triggers a different cocktail of neurotransmitters, leading in the end to a different somatic health condition.

There was a story about Tomáš Baťa, the famous Czech entrepreneur of the early 20th century. Once he witnessed an important discord between his employees who were about to project construction of a building. Instead of listening to their arguments, he sent them first to play marbles in the backyard. In half an hour they were back relaxed and smiling and claimed they have found a way of cooperation.

Here are some tips to experiment the “Kid-role” even if you are not a parent or your children are grown up:

 – on your way to work, stop at the children’s playground and enjoy some of the monkey bars

 – in winter, find the nearest slope and go sledding!

 – throw yourself in deep snow or sand and make with your arms “angel’s wings”

 – do you see a toboggan or a swing? Don’t hesitate and give it a slide or a couple of swings!

 – climb trees

 – play a snowball fight

 – play with a bubble blower

 – make the sand castles

See the 1000 + 1 small miracles of every single day, wonder, laugh, make surprises, get astonished!

And you will certainly have a better mood, better appetite, and a better sleep!

March 11, 2023

Author: Kristina Höschlová