Are worries about Healthy Food healthy?

Are these food additives or fear that kill our health?

Factors that contribute to one’s health are very complex and nutrition is one among those mainly emphasized.

However, also states of mind like good relationships, gratitude, joy, open-mindedness, and self-perceptiveness play an important role in one’s health.

Our body doesn’t ingest just chemical components, but also the context, in which they are ingested.

Thus, fire-roasted sausage shared with loved ones in a warmhearted and joyful atmosphere can nourish the organism much better than a superfood-organic-vegan-raw snack eaten under a permanent anxious concern about the potential harms or health benefits of each nutrient.

If we were enough perceptive for our bodies and minds, we wouldn’t ingest things that would harm us.

Author: Kristina Höschlová

September 14, 2023