Why it is important to learn more about nature?

Observing nature and learning about nature is healing by itself. Why so?

Bringing awareness to natural elements, such as water, air, earth, minerals, trees, flowers, and others, helps us reveal appreciation for the “ordinary” things, which surround us.

Once we refine our perceptiveness, we gain more access to the subconscious mind. And this is where the self-healing of the body occurs.


Refining our perceptiveness brings us into the contemplative states of mind and to the subconscious space.


Furthermore, bringing awareness to the present moment in nature opens a space, in which the health-beneficial mechanisms can manifest.

It is as if you switch off loud music to hear what a closed person is about to tell you.

When you take a walk in nature, try to observe, what occupies your mind.

Maybe it is your habitual rumor of worries “what should be done” and judgments “what goes wrong” or “who is not fair”. Instead, try to appreciate the fresh air, blue sky, white clouds, majesty and calmness of the trees, incredible shapes and colors of the leaves and flowers, chants of the birds, sun rays, rain drops, or scent of the forest and meadow. What a beauty!

After that walk, you will probably feel refreshed and more peaceful and many of your worries will fade away.

When the rumor in your head dissipates for a while and you nourish your mind with positive emotions, also, your body will be flooded with corresponding hormones and neurotransmitters.


Contemplation of nature helps to achieve the state of heart coherence, when the heart, mind and emotions are aligned and in sync.


In this state, breathing, heart rhythms, brain rhythms and the body’s systems (immune, hormonal, nervous and psychiatric), are in electromagnetic synchronization with each other.


Autumn is a perfect time to slow down, listen, observe, and turn our awareness inward. Moreover, autumnal nature gifts us with such an infinite beauty!

Author: Kristina Höschlová

Posted on November 15th, 2023