Does BEAUTY Create LOVE or Does Love Create Beauty?

Why appreciating NATURE and ART is healing?

If we find something or someone beautiful, we start to love it.

If we love something or someone, we don’t perceive its flaws, we always find its beauty.

Does beauty create love or love creates beauty?

Probably both are true, as beauty is just a ray of love.

 Did you ever observe the difference in movements, posture, speech and behavior of people who visit a flowering park, a concert of classical music or a baroque art gallery? Try to see their difference before and after the visit.

You would probably notice how their gait is calmer, movements smoother, voice kinder and gaze brighter after experiencing nature or art.

Beauty is one of the forms of love. Loving emotions create heart-brain coherence and have beneficial effects, especially on our cardiovascular and immune system.

We are surrounded by a lot of beauty, it is just up to us not to be blind and know to find it in every moment – in the sky, in the shapes of leafless trees, in the white snow, in a smile, in a song or Christmas decoration.

Appreciating small things is the ever best present we can gift to ourselves every day.

Author: Kristina Höschlová

December 14, 2023