How To Support Our Self-Healing Potential

Why Yoga, QiGong, Tai chi, Breath-work and Contemplative techniques support the self-healing potential of our body and mind?

Our body possesses an exceptional capacity to repair, restore, and recover on a daily basis.

Maybe you remember the situation, when you felt sore and tired, and a slight scratching in your throat indicated that you were close to catching a cold.

And then you went to bed and benefited from a 12-hour-long, profoundly nourishing sleep. It is possible that the next morning all of the symptoms were gone, and you felt stronger and refreshed.

So, what did happen meanwhile?

While your talkative mind took a rest and your physical body had been reposing, the regulatory and self-repairing mechanisms of your body were busy reestablishing harmony in bodily functions.

All the bodily functions are interconnected through sophisticated regulatory systems, including the immune, neurohumoral (vegetative nervous system + hormonal system), and psychic system. This is why we often notice falling sick when under stress or depression (psychic <=> immune system), or, women can observe fluctuations of their immune and psychic condition in relation to their menstrual cycle (immune <=> hormonal <=> psychic system).

Where is the seat of the self-repairing mechanisms?

The seat of these regulatory systems, which work independently of our voluntary control, is in our subconscious mind, located in the subcortical brain structures.

Yoga, QiGong, Tai chi, Breath-work, Meditation as healing tools.

Since ancient times, different contemplative methods promoting breathing techniques, conscious movement, and focus on balance and proprioception are considered effective healing tools.

How do these techniques support our self-healing potential?

Breath-work, yoga, qigong, tai chi, and meditation promote voluntary control of breathing patterns and enhanced awareness about proprioception and balance.

Once we bring awareness into the processes, which usually occur unconsciously, we support their beneficial purpose.

This is as if one were to turn on the lights in a workshop and start producing things.

Raising awareness about any object in general means that you allow it to manifest in a more pronounced way.

Also, any activity, whether artistic, physical, or contemplative, if performed with concentration and awareness, dampens the talkative conscious mind, and therefore allows more space for the subconscious processes to manifest.

This is why we promote yoga, qigong, breathing, and contemplative techniques as tools to support the self-healing potential of our body and mind.

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Author: Kristina Höschlová

Feb 19th, 2024